Northern Territory artists combining art and tea towels

We speak our mother's tongue by Chips Mackinolty


Kunred kayime, “njalekenh kandiwarrewon? Dja kandinahna kunmak.” Yiman mak kunwok kahyime “kandidjalkarrmen, yuwn bu kandibengmidjdan dja ngurrimang manbuyika kunwok”. “Ngaye kunwok dja kunred, wanjh ngad nganedjarrkni kore kubolkkudji”.

The land speaks to us and says, “why are you messing me up? You should look after me properly!” In the same way, our language is saying to us, “hold onto me, don’t forget me and speak some other language!” “We are your language and your country, and we both live here one place”

The Bininj Kunwok Regional Language Centre [] is the custodian for the related languages of western Arnhem Land, and is led by passionate, committed language speakers. This image has been created to distribute through schools, clinics, stores, resource and art centres across the region.

This tea towel is to raise money and awareness for Bininj Kunwok -

Left to right:
Kaye Namundja
(Ngalkamarrang Ngalkardbam) Language worker, assistant teacher, Gunbalanya School, grandmother)

Jill Nganjmirra
Ngalwakadj Ngalbularlhdja
(Chairperson of Bininj Kunwok Regional Language Centre, translator, author, songwriter, artist, storyteller, grandmother )

Jeanette Burunali
(Ngalbangardi Ngaldjalama)
Translator / interpreter / grandmother

Organic cotton tea towel, 74 x 48cm

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