Northern Territory artists combining art and tea towels

No B52s by Chips Mackinolty


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Organic cotton tea towel, 74 x 48cm

Back in the early 1980s B52s regularly flew in and out of Darwin on their milk run between Guam and servicing Pine Gap.

An early house in Coconut Grove—32 Martin Crescent to be precise. More to the point its roof, which faced the runway to Darwin airstrip.

As you can see it has a mural—roofal really—with the Aboriginal flag and the slogan NO B52s. It was painted in March 1982.

It became somewhat notorious—and ironically was used by light aircraft pilots as a waypoint indicating they should start to turn for their final run down the airstrip.

One Sunday morning, everyone was woken by a RAAF chopper hovering at about 50 feet above the house, with a photographer leaning out an open door!

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